What to do about BACKLESS

July 20, 2017

backless bra

Every girl has that one dress they’re dying to wear out because they know it’ll leave jaws dropping in their wake. It fits like a glove, hits all the right spots and skims over the places we like to forget about. You’d wear it out every night if you could, but… it’s backless. 

 backless bra

Your smaller-busted friends suggest going bra-less, and everyone else says “sticky boobs, Duh!”. But a lot of us aren’t lucky enough for those options to work. For some of us, you just can’t get the support you need without something wrapped around your back. You have to wear a bra, but you don’t want some boring black or nude bra clasps ruining your vision.

Well ladies, I’m here to tell you you don’t have to give up on that dress just yet. It might not be possible to go entirely backless if you’re not comfortable without support, but there are tons of bras out there designed for this exact dilemma. Here's some of our favorite options: 

There are bras with low backs, and no straps to mess up your look!

Le Mystere Soiree Backless Bra

Pictured: Le Mystere Soiree Bustier

Bras that look like they could be part of your dress!

 Skarlett Blue Honey Push-Up Bra

Pictured: Skarlett Blue Goddess T-Shirt Bra

And bras that are so beautiful you want everyone to see them anyway!

Natori Feathers T-Back Racerback Bra

Pictured: Natori Feathers T-Back

Bottom line is, don’t shy away from the backless look just because your bust needs support. Find a bra you love to show off, and buy all the backless dresses you can get your hands on.

Need help finding one? Take our fit quiz, and let us find one for you!


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