How to Take Care of Your Bras

May 07, 2017

How to Take Care of Your Bras

Have you ever wondered how to wash and dry your bras? Do you know how frequent you should replace your bras? Here are the nine tips from us:


  1. A bra generally has a three-year life span. Always read the information tag on the side of band. It provides you with detail instructions on how to take care of this particular bra, as materials can vary by brands, styles and fabrics.  
  2. Clean your bras every three wears in cool water. Never clean your bras in hot water, because the heat will break down the elastic and shorten the bra’s life span.
  3. Hand wash your bras whenever possible, or use the delicate cycle on your washing machine to keep your bras in shape for as long as possible.
  4. Use mild detergent. Select detergent that is for delicate clothing. Do not use bleach on your bras. It will damage the fabrics and the underwire of the bra.

5. Use a laundry bag. Always put your bras in a laundry bag if you choose to machine wash them to avoid any tangles on the hooks or the straps.

6. Pat dry your bras. Never twist your bras. Twisting or squeezing could misshape the underwire and distort the cups.

7. Lay your bras flat to dry. Never hang dry your bras, as it will stretch the elastic in the bras.

8. Never put your bras in a dryer or use iron on your bras. Like the cold water theory, the heat will damage the fabrics and melt the metal or plastic underwire.

9. Store your bras properly. Never fold your bras. Stack them flat in the same way as they are displayed in a bra shop.


Follow our tips to keep your bras in the best shape and wear them comfortably and confidently!




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