When the Cup Don't Fit

April 30, 2017

finding the right size bra

We’ve all had those days where you can’t want to get home and take off your bra. Ill-fitting bras suck. And sometimes it feels like there’s no bra out there that’s right for you. Check out these 10 quick steps to figure out if you’re wearing the right fit.

1. Two-Finger Strap Test
    Are your straps snug enough on your shoulders, but loose enough to slide 2 fingers under?


      2. Two-Finger Band Check

      Is the band tight enough to support you but loose enough to pass the two-finger test?

      3. Spill check

      Do you fit into the cups without spilling over the tops?

      bra fit check

      4. Hook check

      Which hook are you wearing the bra on? Typically, you want a new bra to be on the loosest hook so you can tighten it as your bra loosens over with time.

      5. Center challenge

      Does the center piece lay flat against you without buckling?

      bra fit test

      6. Fill check

      Peek inside. Do the cups fit smoothly against you with no gaps or wrinkles?

      7. Stretch test

      Raise your arms, bend over, twist. Does the band stay in place (no hiking up in back)?

      bra fit check

      8. Maximum lift test

      Turn to the side. Are your breasts sitting halfway between your shoulders and elbows?

      bra fit test

      9. Top test

      Put your top on. How do you look? Seamless? Smooth? Lifted?

      bra fit test
      10. Comfort check

      Does every single part of this bra feel comfortable on you?


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